2 Weeks out on 2 Wheels

In about 2 weeks I’ll be heading back out on the road to Colorado.  My last big trip was 2 years ago to Montana.  The anticipation of making sure everything is ready to go is, inandof itself, time consuming.  I’ve at least managed to get the bike inspected (no easy feat given the amount of rain we’ve been having; and the amount of hours I’ve been putting in between 2 jobs.

I’ve been toying with google maps trying to find the easiest route (not necessarily the fastest) out of the Northeast over to Pennsylvania which is my first stop.  Mapping is frustrating and time consuming as well.  After all is said and done it’ll probably come down to what I’m feeling that morning as I roll out.

Last but not least, I did manage to drag the duffel bag up the stairs from the basement and into the bedroom so that I can remind myself that I still need to pack clothes!  Also to keep it light this time.  Most hotels have laundry facilities so carrying all the clothes I THINK I need is most likely not necessary as evidenced by the box of stuff I sent back while in Montana.  Besides who cares what I look like or smell like at the end of the day?  I think as women we tend to pack for the worst and hope for the best.  With all of the wal-marts across this country I think I’ll pack for the middle of the road and then hope for the best.  I’m sure I’ll change my mind several times so I’ll start packing after this weekend and let the bag sit for a couple days and then I’ll play with it some more and by the time I’m ready to roll, hopefully, I’ll have not forgotten anything.  I suppose I could make a list but I’m not feeling it.  There’s something about going out on the road that feels spontaneous and therefore, I guess I’m just feeling spontaneous about everything.  So with the bike all set to roll; mapping almost complete; the next part is packing.  Wish me luck!

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A nice Memorial Day Motorcycle Ride throughout New Hampshire and Maine

Had a great day riding the Kanc, Bear Notch Mountain and Route 16 (Mount Washington)!  Going up through Bridgton, it appeared as though the town itself was pretty much out of business.  Gas station, Peg-a-leg Pete’s, Chapter 11 Store, and various other places seemed to have moved out and closed.  It was kind of sad to see this in such a cute little town.  Renys seems to be the place to shop in this little town that appears not to have survived the tourist industry.  Coming home on Route 26 was even more depressing.  Let me say that when the TV ads indicated a casino was needed for Oxford County – they weren’t kidding!  Almost every other lawn up there had motorcycles, ATVs, vehicles, boats, and trucks for sale.  Some houses even appeared abandoned.  I think the overall economy in those areas is much worse than I realized.  It’s really sad. 


Picked up lunch at a little Deli in North Conway.  The plan was to eat lunch on the Kanc to save more time for riding the twistys.  However, nothing ever turns out the way you plan when riding a motorcycle.  We arrived midway through the Kanc only to be eaten alive by black flies!  They’re so vicious this year.  I’m sure this new bout of rain will only prolong their life cycle into July.  Crap!

After lunch, and some more decent riding through the curves, hills and flat areas, we were on a quest for ice cream.  That quest soon turned into a real “gotta have it” kind of ride!  Who knew looking for a place to eat ice cream would be such a task.  Seems my favorite place on Route 2 just outside Gilead, Maine is now closed and a sign in the front indicates that it is on Real Estate Auction block. Finally found a place in Auburn, Maine – Gifford’s Ice Cream, with more flavors than I can count and while it isn’t the Ma and Pa’s shop, I guess I can deal with it – especially because there are enough flavors to keep me happy well after the riding season ends. 

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Hello world!

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